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Who are Trident Energy?

Trident Energy is an independent developer of enabling technology for the offshore renewables industry. They have developed and patented a low cost, high reliability generator that converts linear motion directly into electricity. This generator is positioned as the “Intel Inside” of the offshore renewable energy market, offering a generic, scalable solution to reduce the costs of a wide range of host infrastructure.

The Business Need

Trident required additional engineering and design resources both to supplement their own engineering team and to carry out work out with their own areas of expertise.

Our Activities and Deliverables

4c delivers a CAD modelling and visualisation service to Trident Energy. With our existing experience in offshore renewables our design engineers were able to turn around a package of outline GA drawings, 3D models, renderings and an animation for the client within in a tight timeframe.

The Result

Trident have used our output to help explain to external engineers and investors and customers the size, general arrangement and function of their technology.


“I contacted 4c Design because of their reputation for an innovative approach to conceptual design work in the offshore renewable energy sector. The requirement was to quickly develop 3D modelling to visualise one of the applications for our generic, enabling linear generator technology. 4c gave me a clear specification of what they could achieve with the time and budget available and then delivered to that. I was impressed by how they treated the job as more than a CAD exercise, considering details related to the engineered realisation of the design. They understand the challenges of the offshore renewable energy sector and their association with offshore pioneers such as Deep Tek allows then to bring an operational perspective to their work. 4c want their clients to succeed and provided contact details of relevant suppliers. So they quickly delivered the design work I needed, whilst also clearly understanding the requirements of the overall technology development plan.”

Jonathan Armstrong – Chief Operating Officer

Capabilities Utilised

  • Concept development
  • Industrial design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Technical drawings
  • Renders and animations
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