Begg & Co | Design for display

Who are Begg & Co?

Founded in 1866, Begg & Co have a long history of weaving and shawl making. Based in Ayr, Scotland, the company has developed innovative weaving techniques to create unique high-end cashmere scarves.

The Business Need

Begg & Co came to 4c Design to help them develop a shop display concept designed by the artist Sophie Smallhorn. The company was looking to transport the display to high-end department stores around the world and required technical knowledge to take the current design to the next stage.

Our Activities and Deliverables

4c Design developed a display product that would allow the display to be easily assembled and transported, could be adapted to fit different sizes of shop windows and would prevent the cashmere from fraying.

Following research into various display methods for fabric, an ideation session and concept development allowed us to prototype multiple concepts to test how the fabric would behave when hung and fixed in different ways.

Technical drawings, final prototypes and mock-up images were created, allowing us to pass along the manufacture of the final product to Begg & Co.

The Result

The final product was a success, displayed in London, Japan and China, allowing Begg & Co to showcase their range of cashmere scarves to a wide range of customers.

Capabilities Utilised

  • Concept development
  • Design engineering
  • Rough prototyping
  • Design for manufacture
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