Assisting direction with workshop facilitation.

The most frustrating workshops are those that are not properly planned and followed up. A good idea is worth as much as the follow through.

Over the years, our clients have had unique opportunities to explore. Sometimes not needing our help beyond guiding the initial direction. By allowing us to plan and build workshops around their opportunity, it allows our clients to focus on their end-goals and utilise internal resource.

These workshops have covered:

  • Government policy construction
  • Public innovation forums
  • 3rd sector brainstorms
  • Design sprints (not the same as innovation sprints)
  • Community programme development and execution
  • Business development planning

We use no specific tools for the workshops. Instead, we listen to the needs and plan what would make the most out of the time.

Want to find out how 4c can help facilitate an opportunity? Contact Will Mitchell below.