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The aim of our Innovation Review service is to help you investigate, strengthen and/or validate the business case for your innovation, and outline a plan of action to take it forward.

What do you need to progress?

A face-to-face session to agree priorities and objectives for the support project, with detailed understanding gained through an online form.

The 4c team spend 2 days delivering a mixture of face-to-face discussion, research, internal reviews and reporting. We tailor this mix to your needs.

A project delivery meeting with our team 2-4 weeks later. This will also be fully documented in a written report.

“4c’s Innovation Review helped us gain a clearer view of what was needed to get from where we were to where we wanted to be. They helped identify the capabilities and resources our project needed and highlighted pitfalls to avoid, enabling us to build a credible plan to develop our first product.” – Relume Optics Ltd.

What can an Innovation Review deliver?

With diverse projects under our belt in almost every industry, we are in a strong position to provide guidance in the next steps to build your business and meet your product development goals. Some if not all of these might be:

  • Independent identification and assessment of the competitive landscape and technical challenges to development.
  • Identification of capability gaps within the client’s delivery team.
  • Education on the physical innovation process in the context of the specific product or system.
  • Development of a high-level product development roadmap.
  • Ballpark estimates of product development costs and timescales (where sufficient information is provided by the client).
  • Advice on specific aspects of product development, such as materials selection, component selection, manufacturing processes, and more.
  • Development of a product design brief or product design specification.
  • Suggestions on route to market, with potential links to other professionals who may be able to help.
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Due to the intensity of this body of work, we only carry out 2 of these each quarter.

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