Want to create a future as well as deliver the present? You need an innovation partner.

Business Innovation + Strategy

We understand the risks of innovation, so our capabilities start at the top level with business strategy, stakeholder management and innovation leadership. Our ‘fresh eyes’, skills and experience help our clients explore opportunities to achieve growth and find efficiencies.

Creative Engineering

To de-risk research and development, our unique multidisciplinary team deliver end-to-end innovation. This is made possible with 4c’s hands on approach and workshop facilities. Creating commercially viable solutions.

This core capability covers the foundations that makes a successful product. Not only does it need to look right, suit various stakeholders and manufacturable…it has to work!


Business development
Innovation management
Portfolio review and development
Workshop facilitation
Stakeholder development
Partner liaison
Industrial design

Product design
Service design
Ethnographic research
Product exploration
Design engineering
Assembly development and testing
Mechanical engineering

Model making
Variety of prototyping methods
System planning and development
User centred design
Concept development
Engineering validation
Concept testing
Manufacturing review and liaison

We aim to reinvigorate internal R&D and Innovation teams, helping them to think differently, spot opportunities and explore outcomes. Speak to our Design Director – Will Mitchell for more information.