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Accidental intern to full time employee

Two years ago, I took on a two-week job at 4c Design to help them prepare for an open day. That job evolved into a two-month internship where I was involved in a range of internal and external…

Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) in Design and Engineering

Product development is a journey which starts with an idea and ends when the finished product rolls off the production line. It’s never straight forward.

Mark Craig | Mechatronics Engineer

What is Mechatronics? The term mechatronics breaks down to a combination of mechanics and electronics but since its inception has grown to encompass computer and control systems. This powerful…

Accelerating Innovation

Accelerating Innovation (Part 1): From the WHY to the HOW

The critical importance of innovation to national and company competitiveness has become widely accepted.  The only legitimate question now is the ‘how’. Companies are coming under increasing…

DBA Procurement Ready

Standards for Innovation and Design

Do we need standards for innovation management and design? ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, certainly thinks so. Since 2012/13, Technical Committee ISO/TC 279 has been…


The ABCD of Innovation

Innovation is everywhere. Funding calls, seminars, advice and my personal favourite elevator pitches (shudder). How can we make sense of it all and more importantly where do you start? If 20 years…


Innovation Quick Fix

Okay, not really a quick fix, more of a way to approach innovation that reduces risk and improves the chances of success. Companies are being asked to innovate to improve and grow. While this is…

The Engineering Design Show 2017

The Engineering Design Show Preview 2017: Innovation, Inspiration, Interaction and Insight

Visitor registration is now open for the Engineering Design Show, the UK’s largest exhibition and conference dedicated to the design engineering community. Highlights include: 24 keynote…


The Potential of Innovation

I have spoken about the potential of innovation many times. Over the years, 4c Design has been fortunate to have worked closely with a wide range of different companies and organisations realising…