Mark wins ‘Young Designer of the Year’!

young designer of the year banner

Congratulations to our industrial designer, Mark Penver, for winning ‘Young Designer of the Year’ at this year’s Plastics Industry Awards. Mark has worked with us for over 2 years and he won the award for one of his very first projects, the S’up Spoon, a spoon for people with shaky hands. Although Mark says he didn’t get into this profession to win awards it’s always nice to get some recognition for good design!

How was it?

“The night was pretty relaxed and almost surreal. It’s not the kind of thing I normally do, and by that I mean wine and dine in a tux –you’d normally find me in a t-shirt, in a pub and drinking by the pint.”

“The evening started with a champagne reception and a little introduction to the awards which have been running for 15 years. Then there was a stand up performance by QI’s beloved Alan Davies (I highly recommend seeing his stand up if you get the chance).”

“I had a great evening – not only did I win ‘Young Designer of the Year’ but the S’up Spoon was also a finalist, and got an honourable mention, in the ‘Consumer Product of the Year’ category. ”

What did you take away?

“For me it was interesting to understand more about the plastics industry and what’s goes on behind the scenes. I obviously understand some of the manufacturing processes and even visited manufacturers and seen their process – however, I felt myself geeking out at some of the advancements made in this sector.”


How do you feel to have won?

“I was a little taken back by winning. Winning an award is great because you get to introduce yourself and your company to others with the backed up value that you know what you’re doing. This normally leads to quite interesting conversations…”

So Mark, you’ve impressively won an award with your very first 4c Design project! What next? 

“I’ve already met a number of my career ambitions – including an announcement that will come next year… And there are lots of things coming from the team here at 4c that will be particularly exciting to share with the public over the next few months.”