Mark Craig | Mechatronics Engineer

What is Mechatronics?

The term mechatronics breaks down to a combination of mechanics and electronics but since its inception has grown to encompass computer and control systems. This powerful fusion of interdisciplinary knowledge and engineering approach is vital to the automation of industrial manufacturing processes. 

Why is it vital to industrial automation?

Industrial automation would not exist without mechatronics. As a minimum it requires the sensing, actuation and control of mechanical systems but more recently it incorporates computer vision, simulation and optimisation, and machine intelligence.

Where do 4c stand?

Our first industrial automation project was for Moredun Research Institute with the creation of multiple machines to help commercialise a vaccine. Recently, we have worked with Tharsus, the company behind Ocado’s revolutionary robot hive warehouse.

Our clients are increasingly asking us to improve the productivity of their manufacturing processes and to help us do this, we’ve hired Mark Craig, our new mechatronics engineer.    


Hello, I’m Mark – the new mechatronics engineer at 4c.

I was asked to provide a small bit of detail about myself, so you can get to know me.

Previously I worked in downstream oil and gas at Trident Engineering Consultants for 8 years. I’ve worked on some amazing projects – most I can’t talk about however a favourite was working on a submarine.

I then became technical manager at MAKLab, a charity and social enterprise which provided access to digital fabrication tools. While there my role included maintenance of equipment, providing technical training and bringing practical working knowledge to the public.

In my spare time I play with robots. I always have since I was at school. The development of circuit boards and Arduino kits interests me as it ties in with my passion for making things. I’m excited to take this further and work on industrial automation projects.

I was introduced to 4c through a mutual friend, but it was a colleague from MAKLab that suggested to both 4c and myself to get in contact as they were secretly looking for someone to add to their capabilities.

I’m excited to get started with projects, especially those that float or sink. This is because I was a keen rower and scuba diver, though not simultaneously.

Core Capabilities

  • Electronics
  • Hydraulic, stress and surge analysis
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Robotic automation
  • Project Management
  • CAD