Intern antics – what does gardening have to do with product design?

IMG_9928_compressedSummer is over and at the Design Hub it’s time to wave goodbye to Rob, our Summer 2015 intern. He’s left us with a shiny new ‘Innovation Garden’ in our office (complete with grass!) and an exciting product concept for one of our clients that will soon be launched on Kickstarter. Thanks Rob!

So what is it like to be a 4c intern? Over to Rob to tell his story in his own words …


Time is finally up on my 3 months internship, and what a fun 3 months it’s been.  From live projects, to office renovation, there’s never been a dull moment.

The vast majority of my time has been taken up with a client project/proposal that will hopefully soon hit the web and be launched on Kickstarter.  Unfortunately, at this time I am unable to give away too many details of the project.

I’ve learnt a great deal throughout the project, especially when it comes to client meetings and discussions.  It’s so easy to get engrossed in a project and forget that those around you don’t have the same train of thought as you do.  It’s often best to take a step back and put yourself in their shoes and walk through the development logically and concisely.


Tasked with the challenge of renovating a section of the Design Hub office was a very fun little project.  Due to Marine Design International moving to a new studio, the end of the Design Hub office was left empty upon my arrival.  After a few ideas had been thrown around, myself and Tom Harris set to work on the build.

Understanding the character of 4c and the Design Hub was key to creating a new space.  I’d like to think the new space is a bit of ‘fresh air’, as it were, in the office and something that will be used frequently and in a variety of manners.


IMG_9937 Edit_compressed

Overall I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at 4c and will always greatly appreciate the opportunity given to me.  I look forward to the next stage and am excited to start the Industrial Design and Technology Masters course at Loughborough University.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone at 4c and the Design Hub for being extremely helpful and most importantly, a lot of fun!