Graduate of the Year! Have you heard of the Glasgow Guarantee?


awardThis year it seems that awards are like buses: you win one and another comes along immediately. Mark Penver, one of our industrial designers, has just picked up his second award in a month. This time, he has been recognised by Glasgow City Council for his work on the S’up Spoon which set him apart from the other graduates part-funded by the Council’s Glasgow Guarantee scheme.

This is exciting for us here at 4c as it is rare that we stop and take the time to celebrate our achievements. More than that, gaining recognition for our work on the S’up Spoon is a strong signal that our company ethos of ‘innovating to improve lives’ is at our core as we move into 2016.

However, instead of singing Mark’s praises (again!) we’d like to shout about the Glasgow Guarantee scheme. It’s relatively little known, even though it has benefited more than 6000 Glaswegians since it launched in 2009. The Glasgow Guarantee is a legacy of the 2014 Commonwealth Games which offers businesses support with the salary costs of young adults, the 50+ age group and Armed Forces veterans. It was expanded earlier this year with the result that it is now the biggest scheme of its kind in the UK (well done Glasgow!) and aims to help 1000 Glaswegians a year into employment.

Recruiting talented staff is difficult for any company and so we were delighted when the Glasgow Guarantee scheme helped us hold on to Mark who joined us as an intern in 2012. The scheme part-funded his graduate salary for a year and gave us the financial freedom to enable him to continue his work on the S’up Spoon pro bono project. Individuals can register for the scheme online and there is more information about how the scheme works for businesses on the Council website.