From client to Managing Director

Back in 2012, the company I worked with hired 4c for a small design project. Up to that time, my working life had revolved around the research and development of new technologies; first as a PhD physicist, then as an analyst assessing emerging technologies and markets before taking on a business development role in a marine energy start-up.

Why 4c?

Even though I worked in R&D, that visit to 4c in 2012 was the first time I encountered a working environment which practically had a life of its own, exuding energy and creativity. Here was a place, I thought, where people could hardly help being inventive. Intrigued, I started working with 4c part-time to help the team identify new business opportunities. I quickly learnt that 4c’s people and place were intertwined, engaged in a positive feedback loop resulting in impressive levels of curiosity, enthusiasm and innovation.

4c growth

After a year out on maternity leave, I took on a part-time operational role to help free up Managing Director Robin so that he could push forward the development of Numnuts – a 4c spin-out product. Securing commercialisation funding for Numnuts at the tail end of 2017 was a big win for 4c. It enabled us to continue product development and plan for a 2019 launch, as well as continue the transition of consultancy management responsibilities to me from Robin.

As we have been working on this transition for quite some time, transferring the MD job title feels like we are simply dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. However, it is an important moment to pause to celebrate Robin and Will’s vision and tenacity which have grown 4c from a 3-person start-up to the group of companies it is today – an award winning consultancy, our Numnuts spin-out and other planned ventures.

4c future

The measure of this growth is the decision to separate the management of our consultancy business from the ventures. I am honoured that Robin and Will have brought me into the team and are entrusting me with the management of the award-winning consultancy they have built up over the last decade and a half. Will, who continues as Design Director, and I as the new Managing Director, share an ambition to continuously improve how we deliver 4c’s characteristic ‘hands on’ creative engineering services. Innovating our business to improve our clients’ lives – as a former client, that’s an ambition I like!

With me and Will focusing on consultancy, where is Robin? Find out more here.