4c Design office

Desk spaces available at the Design Hub

4c Design officeThe Design Hub has 4 desks that have become available for creative/design related professionals who wish to be part of a fun, creative, studio/office/workshop environment.

The Design Hub holds a vibrant mix of small businesses ranging from Product Design, Naval Architecture, Musical Instrument Maker, Graphic Design, Prop Making to Electronics design.

The desk spaces available would be ideal for a web/graphics/marketing agency or freelancer.

For those who like to tinker we are equipped with a 1600sq/ft fully ‘tooled up’ workshop. This is what makes the space truly unique. In addition to a desk if you need space to design & build we can guarantee this is one of the best R&D workshops in Glasgow, probably the UK. Even if your business is mainly desk based, the workshop can be an excellent space to gather inspiration or fix your bike!

Broadband provided by a dedicated 20/20 Fibre Line that can be upgraded to 100Gbs (at additional cost) if you are require heavy bandwidth use.

Desks start from £250 plus VAT (£300) which includes rent, rates, service charges, electricity and wireless connection. Further services such as receptionist duties, use of a scanner/plotter and workshop are available and can be discussed.

“I have a small business designing, making and selling musical instruments and I’ve been happily working at the Design Hub for about 7 years. Before basing the business at the Design Hub I had worked from a few different types of business centres and independent buildings, so I’m probably quite well positioned to comment on the benefits of working somewhere like the Design Hub. For small businesses it’s invaluable to have be able to ‘pool’ or share resources, and link into the expertise and social benefits that a bigger group of people can bring. Over and above the basic services like broadband, printing, tea, coffee etc, there are all kinds of things that’s it’s handy to have the use of once in while. I’d say rarely a day goes by when I don’t borrow something from someone or lend someone something – we all lean on each other. The Design Hub is pretty much run as a co-operative of creative businesses – it’s really a not-for-profit organisation which we manage transparently – and we keeps tabs of what people are putting in and taking out. It’s a dynamic atmosphere which rubs off on you – it’s brilliant to have a group of creative people around to bounce ideas off, get inspiration from, and go out for a drink with at the end of the month.”

Misha Somerville – MK Whistles

To find out more, please call Valerie on 0141 353 5490 or email info@4cdesign.co.uk.