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What does effective design mean to ewe?

For 4c, effective design means enabling our clients to achieve business goals they wouldn’t have reached otherwise. Our Barbervax project is a great example: as our…

From client to Managing Director

Back in 2012, the company I worked with hired 4c for a small design project. Up to that time, my working life had revolved around the research and development of new technologies; first as a PhD…

Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) in Design and Engineering

Product development is a journey which starts with an idea and ends when the finished product rolls off the production line. It’s never straight forward.

Outsourcing Innovation

Outsourcing Innovation – A Good Idea?

If we recognise there is something we are not great at doing, we might consider outsourcing it. Take accountancy for example. It’s a skill which involves utilising a particular part of the brain that…