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THALES – Laser Accurate Prototyping

Who is THALES?

Thales is a world leader in mission critical information systems for defence and security, aerospace and transportation with operations in 50 countries and 68,000 employees. Their expertise ranges from video display systems and chip ‘n’ PIN technology, through to flight simulators, unmanned aircraft and the design of entire warships.

Our Activities and Deliverables

THALES UK asked 4c Design to produce some ‘looks like, feels like’ 3D models for their sales team, as they were experiencing limitations with the images they were using. While a picture might be worth a thousand words, a model is worth a million. Using rapid prototyping and a great deal of model makers’ patience we created models of some of the most expensive sighting equipment in the world.

The Result

The models proved a hit with customers and the sales team as well as with the engineers who created the original designs. For many of the team, the chance to see a finished product was rare and the models helped everyone appreciate the final assembly. We have continued to work with Thales to produce further models of their new products. 

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