Designing a human advertisement system

Who is NomadiX?

NomadiX Media specialises in providing wearable technology solutions to the advertising and marketing industry. Their principal focus is to provide entertaining, measurable and engaging technology to generate consumer attention and data capture.

The Business Need

What could be more effective than a walking, talking poster? NomadiX wanted to create their own ‘human mobile message delivery system’ – an overhead screen and speakers that could be comfortably worn and carried around. It was certainly a new way of connecting with the man on the street.

Our Activities and Deliverables

4c provided NomadiX with a complete product design service from generating initial concepts through to production. At the design stage we introduced new features that improved the comfort and performance of NomadiX’s initial concept. Our final design incorporated substantial weight savings, improved comfort, increased battery life, improved re-charging capability and easier transportation. Following on from the design stage, we researched and selected materials, constructed prototypes, specified components, and liaised with manufacturing partners to build the first production unit. 

The Result

NomadiX have patented the novel technology incorporated in the iWalker. It is now being used throughout the UK and abroad by many organisations including Sony, IVECO, Strathclyde Police, Duracell, Scottish Government, Mentos and Levi’s. NomadiX is expanding into new markets and offers international licenses to partners round the world.

More Information...

NomadiX Website

Nomadix - Join The Digital Revolution Video


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