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A fresh look at travel cot design

Who is Mothercare?

The Mothercare brand is synonymous with children and parenting. It represents a passion and outstanding reputation for specialism, quality, safety and innovation in providing products and services for parents, parents-to-be, babies and young children.  

The Business Need

Mothercare approached 4c Design with a challenge to reconsider the design and manufacturing techniques for their range of travel cots. Their key objectives were to reduce cost and complexity at the same time as improving the user experience. 

Our Activities and Deliverables

We started by thoroughly interrogating Mothercare’s existing product range. We also carried out a review of competing and parallel products in order to fully assess the scale of the opportunity for re-designing their travel cot range. Following a period of intensive idea generation we refined our concepts through consumer research with parent focus groups. At the end of the project we presented four consumer-validated design concepts to the team at Mothercare.  

The Result

4c enabled Mothercare to take a fresh look at their travel cot range, thus ensuring that they remain ahead of the pack when it comes to product design and innovation.

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