More Mileage for Michelin

Who are Michelin Lifestyle?

Michelin’s range of lifestyle products are designed to help people on the move and in their everyday life. The range comprises four broad product categories including automotive accessories, cycle accessories, footwear, sports equipment and gifts. These product are generally designed exclusively for Michelin as opposed to re-branding existing goods. Michelin Lifestyle is a completely separate enterprise to the tyre manufacturing and supply side of the business and was introduced to expand customer awareness of the brand.

The Business Need

Michelin approached 4c Design with the challenge of identifying new opportunities for their ‘lifestyle’ market. Over a period of years they had been building up a new offering outside their ‘distress purchase’ tyre business that tied in with their existing road map and restaurant guide market. Their aim was to present customers with top quality motoring and leisure accessories. They realised that there was room to expand this range to include ‘transportation’ aids, which could provide logistical solutions between your car, home, shops & office and asked us to do some research. Many people transport shopping, equipment and children to and from their cars on a very regular basis and we wanted to get the bottom of their frustrations as well as their shortcuts, which could potentially inspire us into thinking up new product ideas.

Our Activities and Deliverables

4c Design successfully identified market opportunities in car boot storage and containment to cover various common situations. We were able to present these as a series of rendered concepts having firstly prototyped the strongest ideas in our workshop. The prototypes allowed us to assess the feasibility of each concept and ensure that what we ultimately presented had at least been tested. Michelin were able to deliver our final presentation to their management team and product suppliers for further input and to work out which products and by which means they could be successfully taken to the market.

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