A Railroad to the Bottom of our Oceans

Who are DeepTek?

Deep Tek access deep and ultra deep water through engineering innovation. They specialise in the provision of lifting equipment for deep water applications, focusing on their patented winch and winder systems operating down to 9000 metres water depth – figures that stagger oil giants, salvage experts and scientists alike.

Business Need

Deep Tek required 4c Design’s support with capturing their innovative ideas and intellectual property in order to free up their engineers to work on future innovations.

Our Activities and Deliverables

We started by taking the ideas and knowledge built up by Deep Tek’s many years of experience and used our Computer Aided Design (CAD) expertise to convert these into 3D models, images and technical drawings. We have continued to provide CAD support to Deep Tek as they develop their technology to address a wider range of offshore and deep water applications in the oil and gas, salvage, scientific research and deep water mining industries. 

Over time, our relationship with Deep Tek has broadened as we gained mutual respect for each others’ approach to innovation. Alec Crawford, Technical Director and co-founder of Deep Tek, has consulted as part of the 4c Design team, providing expert marine engineering input to work we have carried out for RFD Beaufort (Survitec) and AWS Ocean Energy.

The Result

By outsourcing their CAD requirements to 4c Design, Deep Tek has freed up its design manager’s time to concentrate on developing their future innovations, safe in the knowledge that all their current ideas and intellectual property have been captured. 

More Information...

Deeptek Website

More fascinating information about Deeptek and how they have developed their technology over the years can be found here.


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