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Who are Cashmaster International?

Cashmaster International is a global brand, supplying cash counting and reconciliation solutions to some of the world’s largest blue chip multinationals. With offices in Scotland, UK, Europe and the United States, Cashmaster is dedicated to product innovation.

Business Need

4c Design worked with Cashmaster over 4 years on the design and development of their latest range of cash-counting equipment. Tasked with establishing a ‘family’ theme across their product range and saving money on manufacturing, we have been involved at almost every stage, from consumer research, concept sketches and prototyping, through to final product testing.

Our Activities and Deliverables

We quickly understood that Cashmaster must consolidate their design approach in order to reduce their substantial outgoing costs. With this in mind, we designed and developed a new range of products, using consistent materials across the board, while allowing the use of the same main PCB. The design also included a reduction of fixings from a whopping 32, to a more manageable 8.

Result = 80% Reduction in Assembly Time

Complementing the redesign, Cashmaster were able to review their assembly and packaging process, enabling them to dramatically reduce the amount of time it took to build a single unit. Keeping the line flexible was key to allowing them to change from one model to another without too much disruption in the output.



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