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Striving for the Perfect Photo

Somhairle MacDonald (aka Schmo) the Design Hub’s resident graphic designer / illustrator strives to get the perfect photo of 4c’s latest workshop creation. Unfortunately we can’t share his photos just yet, but watch this space…

4c Crushinator

4c Design’s Tom Harris does his best impression of the crushinator from Futurma inside the workshops new bead blasting machine. The photo was too good not to share with everyone. Photo courtesy of Misha from MK Music What do you think? Crushinator enough for you?

BIG Week at 4c

Phew… it has been an extremely busy week for us here at 4c Design. We have barely had a chance to breath with everything that has been going on lately, not that we are complaining mind you it’s all really interesting stuff and it’s good to be so busy. There is so much news to… Read more »