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4c Mugs

What a MUG! Nothing says success like your name on the side of a mug, coming to a kitchen near you soon. finish off your tea drinking expereince with these tasty tips    

Pie Pint and a Panto

4c take an extended lunch break for a wee trip down to Òran Mór for a Pie Pint and a Panto. A superb performance from a superb cast, brilliantly scripted. All those excellent characters played by only 4 people, surely not?  

Did you miss the Apocalypse 111111 111111

  Today at well… now, may well be the beginning of the end. Apocalypse now. Goodbye and Goodluck! In case you don’t get it, the time is 11am and 11 minutes, 11 seconds on the 11th November 2011. 11:11:11 11/11/11 Although on the other hand if you have the time to read this and aren’t… Read more »

Could this be the Ultimate Engineer

The question was posed ‘ who is the ultimate engineer ’. The debate over lunch was long and heated and now with the help of some questionable photoshoping we think we have created the perfect mechanical boffin… Frederick “Fred” Dibnah MBE (28 April 1938 – 6 November 2004), born in Bolton, was an English steeplejack… Read more »

Lunchtime Lunacy

So here at 4c we pride ourselves on the diversity of all the Design Hubbers and one of the most interesting time of the day is lunchtime. This is a fun filled hour just chatting about random stuff – sometimes it is side splittingly funny and sometimes it is so beyond me that I would… Read more »