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Truck-o-saurus TEREX

4c were out in force last night at IMechE’s factory visit to Terex Motherwell, the birthplace of some of their notoriously gargantuan trucks. Aside from communicating and networking with fellow engineers the night provided an insight into a titan manufacturing operation which works to surprisingly tight deadlines and utilises stringent quality control measures. Fabrication Utilising… Read more »

NEL Wind Turbine Visit

The IMechE put on an event last week alongside NEL which brought us to the wind turbine test facility at Myres Hill. We got a behind the scenes tour of the testing processes and got an up close and personal view of some of the latest wind technology. With all the press surrounding alternative energies… Read more »

Make ‘Engineer’ a protected title

Why make engineer a protected title? Well “Engineering suffers from an image problem. People believe that engineers simply fix things, but we don’t: we create things. Unfortunately the false image is propagated by hundreds of companies out there who term repair-persons and equipment installers ‘Engineers’. Engineering suffers from a lack of graduates, and at a… Read more »