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How Designers are Changing Business

Designers Changing Business

In this inspiring Radio 4 show Peter Day gives a great inside into our changing world and why ‘Design‘ isn’t all about pretty dresses and sexy cars. You can download and listen to the program here . Its 30mins long. This program explains how if design thinking is brought in at the start of a… Read more »


Last Friday the 4c Design crew crammed into the fun bus and descended upon the city centre on an intrepid adventure… Destination – the MAKLAB! Located just off Buchanan Street in The Lighthouse, MAKLAB is an open workshop that offers designers the chance to use the latest digital toys in a creative environment to help… Read more »

Essential advice for your first product

We are constantly being asked for help and advice on the best approach to new product development. Many people are daunted by the costs, pressures and lack of knowledge in this area. We came across this guide from Product Design Hub that we would thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to get involved in product development,… Read more »