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Made in Britain

This BBC series is an absolute must see for anyone remotely interested in Design, Engineering, Marketing, Manufacture or the British Economy. Evan Davis presents the series with a refreshingly direct approach and a number of fantastic case studies of British companies. Click Here to watch the series

Design Journeys Blog

William Mitchell, design director here at 4c has just started writing a personal blog, Design Journeys Find out what he has to say for himself, its well worth a read. And be sure to comment on his posts so he knows someone is listening. You will find Will’s blog here

Welcome to the New Website

Welcome to 4c Design’s new website. Currently it is still a work in progress so forgive the odd spelling error or link to nowhere; its been a lot of late nights getting it all up and running. Please let us know what you think; what you love and what you hate? We are still adding… Read more »