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Forestry Engineering Group Presentation

4c Design were down at Newton Rigg today to present the Egger Big Bag project to the FEG (Forestry Engineering Group) for there “Innovation for Survival” symposium. The day proved to be an excellent networking opportunity and a fantastic forum to share ideas and inventions within forestry. We shared the design process behind our designs… Read more »

Working With Nature

How can we STOP controlling nature and START participating with it? This might sound rather obscure, but I believe it is a design shift that needs to be taken in order to support our rapidly growing population. Our controlling attitude towards nature since our existence on earth can be seen everywhere. We have dammed and… Read more »

Awesomely Over-Engineered

Now this is a table! There will never be a meeting interesting enough to draw attention away from this stunningly over-engineered table. The see-through glass allows unobstructed views of the table’s polished gears which automatically extend/retract a pair of extensions at either end. We’re not usually fans of over-engineering but in this case we applaud… Read more »