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Super Curious at TedX Glasgow

TedX Glasgow Super Curious

I was delighted to hear a few months ago that TEDx was coming to Glasgow. What was running through my mind was this is a real opportunity to speak at one of the most prestigious events on the calendar. What do you do with that information? You apply and worry about what on earth you… Read more »

Red Bull’s Baumgartner!

A big 4c congratulations to Felix Baumgartner for breaking the sound barrier yesterday, as he plummeted to earth from 125,000 feet, 23 miles up (European translation = 38 kilometres). Felix Baumgartner is a 43 year old Austrian skydiver that can easily be described as being part of the elite of adrenalin junkies. Apart from this… Read more »

Apple gets something right with Siri

Siri might not be great but at least its honest! Proving yet again that 4c Design is ahead of the curve, we got our hands on “the best smartphone ever made” only weeks before Siri (Apple’s virtual personal assistant) denounces her overlord and confirms to the world that the Lumia is the new top dog…. Read more »