The Potential of Innovation

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InnovationI have spoken about the potential of innovation many times. Over the years, 4c Design has been fortunate to have worked closely with a wide range of different companies and organisations realising their potential in this area.

So what’s it all about? Why do we need to innovate? And more importantly, how do we do it?

I’ll start with the very best definition I have ever heard of innovation:

‘Innovation is simply change that adds value’

If the change doesn’t add value, it isn’t innovative. In fact, it most likely won’t fly! This is because adding value makes things better. It could be making something more efficient, easier to use, more satisfying, more cost effective or worth more. All good reasons to make a change.

Most companies know they need to be innovative, but few actually know how to do it. That’s okay because you can’t do everything. This is why we use accountants, business analysts or lawyers. These jobs are necessary for the survival and growth of your business, so we readily buy those services in.

Innovation is another profession that can be outsourced. It can, in fact, be more beneficial to outsource than run internally, simply because innovation thrives on ‘fresh eyes’ on a problem. How many times have you heard ‘because that’s how we’ve always done it’ when something is challenged. Time for change!

Innovation, when managed well, can successfully transform a business. If managed badly, however, it can become very expensive, very quickly. It makes sense to have your innovation managed.

If you are ready to innovate, but not sure where to start, then outsourcing could be the answer.

Take care.

Will Mitchell

4c Design

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