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Our ‘can do’ engineering team turns complex ideas into technically viable reality.

Robin Smith – Managing Director

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Computer Aided Design (CAD) helps us to visualise and understand a product and is crucial to our product development process. 4c Design are cross-industry specialists in the use of CAD and our design engineers are all Certified SolidWorks Professionals. Full CAD data is developed and discussed before proceeding to final product development. As ‘early adopters’ of 3D CAD as far back as 1997, we have continually invested in our CAD training, workstations and modelling skills.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Our investment in the Cosmos Finite Element Analysis Package has allowed us to integrate directly with our SolidWorks CAD environment. We use this functionality to optimise our designs often to reduce the mass or volume of material in a component thus improving its functional efficiency and reducing manufacturing cost. Our FEA tools are excellent for providing a reassurance on the safe working load (SWL) of a component before we undergo physical testing. For more advanced, non linear and dynamic analysis, we work alongside our FEA partners at our Inverness office.


With a fully equipped workshop on-site, we are expertly placed to design and deliver a professional prototype of your new product design. Our ability to understand and represent the mechanical and design issues of a project inevitably lead to quicker and more efficient solutions. We will explore a range of options (on paper, online and in physical form) to help you and the rest of your team (where applicable) understand how your product could look, how it may work and what the user experience may be like.

Technical Visualisation

‘A picture says a thousand words’. Effective communication through technical drawings is key to any successful engineering project. Informed visuals allow you to make informed decisions early on in the process, avoiding last minute changes and / or expensive re-tooling. We are expert ‘visualizers’ we communicate through concept sketches, technical drawings and photo-realistic renders which can be animated to enhanced our clients presentations. We have invested heavily in Solidworks Photoworks, Keyshot and Rhino CAD software to provide:-

3D CAD models, Product Visualisations, Technical Drawings, Renderings & Animations

PDM Works

Robust data management is critical to the effectiveness of any CAD facility. We have created a unique and reliable system of control that allows us and our clients to get the best from our CAD resource on a day-to-day basis. PDM Works software, built into our native Solidworks system provides a storage vault for CAD files that maintains the revision history and cross linking between assemblies, parts and drawings.

Our years of expertise with PDM works ensures that our clients files are accurate and reliable, the risk of overwrites removed, and multiple copies are kept to a minimum / eliminated where possible.


Our Brainfarm foresighting service reduces the risk in innovation, saving time and money.


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