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23 Feb: Almost there with the electronics room. Test rig in. Soldering iron in. 3D printers in. Electronic stock in. Not mu… https://t.co/f6gfx58wDr

22 Feb: Almost there. https://t.co/7y94sGP3CK

22 Feb: RT @Blackwood_HC: @ScotHousingNews @supspoon Great to see @GrantDouglas5 in @ScotHousingNews . Grant won the Blackwood #Design Awards in 20…

21 Feb: The e-room is starting to take shape. No we’re not keeping the carpet. https://t.co/jTTUiq9LyS

16 Feb: Upgrading part of the workshop for 1/2 electronics and 1/2 3D printing @formlabs x2 @ultimaker x2. Still lots to do! https://t.co/XHjISVOnko


How to get here

Complete guide on how to get to our Glasgow offices from the motorway or walking from the city centre.

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The M8 route from Edinburgh

The M8 route from Greenock


Our Brainfarm foresighting service reduces the risk in innovation, saving time and money.


4c Engineering

Our Inverness Office, for your heavy duty mechanical engineering requirements…


Design Hub

We have surrounded ourselves with creative professionals in a place we call the Design Hub.