24 Mar: RT @markpenver: I was approached with a licensing request today with regards to one of @jumpandrest products... Good way to finish a Friday?

11 Mar: RT @stgrey: 'Engineering close to the limits in the most inhospitable environment on earth'

08 Mar: Prototypes prototypes prototypes, this is one of 6 cubby holes, it takes a lot more than you think to productionize…

25 Feb: New employee is dedicated! Still hard at work on a Saturday!

25 Feb: Can you guess what we're up to?


How to get here

Complete guide on how to get to our Glasgow offices from the motorway or walking from the city centre.

Download Directions (High Resolution 2.7 MB)

Download Directions (Low Resolution 0.6 MB)

The M8 route from Edinburgh

The M8 route from Dumfries

4c Engineering

Our Inverness Office, for your heavy duty mechanical engineering requirements…


Design Hub

We have surrounded ourselves with creative professionals in a place we call the Design Hub.


File Cloud

We have our own dedicated File Cloud so passing sensitive and large files around is a cinch.