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EDTC event – Inspired to Innovate

4c Design were exhibiting at the “Be Inspired to Innovate” event held today by the EDTC . It provided a refreshingly honest education into the realities of new product development. Innovators from companies such UWI Innovations, Funky Moves and GYMetrix provided an excellent, straight talking account of the type of grant support currently available in… Read more »

Robin kicks off the IMechE Event

Our first IMechE – Design Innovation Event has started, kicked off by managing director Robin Smith. We have had great attendance and the atmosphere is fantastic, looking forward (and a little nervous) about breaking off into groups for each of the team to give their take on the innovation culture at 4c. Look out for… Read more »

Engineers Plaything

This video in my opinion should absolutely go viral! There is no doubt the guy knows what he is doing and all the engineers out there that wouldn’t love a go. The guy is flying and RC F-16 fighter jet with a little video camera mounted where the pilots head would be, except the guy… Read more »