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Three amazing job opportunities

Following our successful 2014, we’re on the lookout for a key member to join our team and give 2 great opportunities to those in or just leaving education. Here at 4c Design these team players will get involved in all our new and upcoming client collaborations and develop their skills. Experienced product design engineer We’re… Read more »

Halfway point for Emily Tulloh, our summer intern

It’s now halfway through the three month summer internship here at 4c. So in the positivity of Glasgow’s post-Commonwealth buzz, I thought I’d reflect on some things I’ve been involved in during these first 6 weeks. There were certain areas I was keen to learn more about: research and user testing, team-based projects, design strategy… Read more »

4c Summer Internship 2014

4c Summer Internship 2014

Its that time again! Announcing 4c Summer Internship 2014 We have been running a summer internship for many years now and seen many young designs thrive as they define their professional selves and shape their future careers. Last year we had multiple interns, that were lucky enough to be a part of the design and… Read more »