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Careers Convention

In my role as an ambassador for all things engineering, I participated at a school’s careers convention last night. For two hours I was grilled about my education, career path, reasons for choosing the profession and general day-to-day working life. I have done a few of these types of events now and I’ve been continually… Read more »

Make ‘Engineer’ a protected title

Why make engineer a protected title? Well “Engineering suffers from an image problem. People believe that engineers simply fix things, but we don’t: we create things. Unfortunately the false image is propagated by hundreds of companies out there who term repair-persons and equipment installers ‘Engineers’. Engineering suffers from a lack of graduates, and at a… Read more »

Time Served Machinist Required

We are looking for an experienced machinist / metalworker who is confident producing 1 off tolerance parts from engineering drawings as well as being able to ‘think on their feet’ to ‘make great things’ fit and work from basic sketches! This role might well suit a retired or semi-retired, practical individual that genuinely enjoys working… Read more »