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Tannoy Precision 6 Firstlook

4c have worked with Tannoy since 2008 in an industrial design capacity. During that time we have worked on a vast range of products; everything from the Kingdom Royal to their upcoming range of high precision tools to be included in the highest end speakers. The latest product to come from the partnership is the… Read more »

Tannoy VLS Series

It seems like the week of product releases for us as Tannoy unveils the VLS Series. This speaker range is for architectural spaces such as churches, shopping centres, transport hubs and concourses. 4c worked on the industrial design and styling of this product, creating a slender and narrow profile, aesthetically refined, powder-coated aluminium chassis with… Read more »

RFD Brainstorm

The 4c crew along with a few selected experts were down in Ireland yesterday for a brainstorming session with RFD Beaufort to generate ideas for a new product. It was a hectic day of factory tours, briefings and wild ideas. We got some fantastic ideas from everyone and are currently working hard to distil everything… Read more »