DBA Procurement Ready

Standards for Innovation and Design

Do we need standards for innovation management and design? ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, certainly thinks so.

Since 2012/13, Technical Committee ISO/TC 279 has been working towards the development of standards covering the ‘terminology, tools, methods and interactions between relevant parties to enable innovation’.

Progress, however, has been very slow with the new standard not expected until October, 2018. Apparently, it is not easy to reach agreement among 50 experts from 47 countries 🙂

DBA Procurement Ready Status

In the meantime, 4c Design are proud to have achieved ‘Procurement Ready’ status from the Design Business Association (DBA), the trade association for the design industry. The DBA PQQ Badge confirms that we are ‘ready for procurement’ having already provided all of the information required in most standard Pre-Qualification Questionnaires.

DBA Procurement Ready

To achieve PPQ status we submitted, among other things, 14 very detailed policy documents covering a level of detail unusual within the design industry, making us one of only several hundred agencies UK wide who have met the standards required to achieve ‘Procurement Ready’ status.

Although time consuming to develop, the information we collated will save potential clients a lot of time, allowing us to get straight to discussions about the project work.

As an organisation, DBA champions the transformative power of design with members representing some of the best design businesses in the UK demonstrating a commitment to the highest standard of business behaviour and performance as described in DBA’s code of conduct.

For 4c Design, the DBA PQQ Badge shows that we are ready to meet the requirements of any procurement department regardless of how onerous these may be. It shows that we are ready to ‘walk the walk’ as well as ‘talk the talk’ in terms of delivering customer value.

Back to ISO 50501

While October 2018 may still be a long way away, we will keep you posted on developments with ISO 50501, the proposed new standards supporting “business, public sector, and not for profit organizations in marketplace innovation, value chain innovation, process improvement innovation, organizational culture innovation, product and service innovation, as well as social innovation.”

Early indications suggest that for an organisation to be considered innovative, it will need to fulfil seven key principles of innovation management:

  • Realization of value
  • Future-focused leaders
  • Purposeful direction
  • Innovation culture
  • Exploitable insights
  • Mastering uncertainty
  • Adaptability

Source: ISO Technical Committee on Innovation Management Systems

From 4c’s perspective, we would clearly welcome anything that improves quality standards in innovation management.

4c Design