Outsourcing Innovation – A Good Idea?

Outsourcing Innovation If we recognise there is something we are not great at doing, we might consider outsourcing it. Take accountancy for example. It’s a skill which involves utilising a particular part of the brain that not all of us can easily tap into. Partnering with a professional accountancy firm can take care of that. If we... Read more »

Understanding Innovation

Understanding Innovation Innovation is everywhere. People want to innovate, companies are being told to innovate and investors want to invest in innovators. But what does this mean? How do you do it and what are the benefits? How about this for a start? ‘Innovation is simply change that adds value through design & engineering’. That works for... Read more »

A fresh face

We received over 150 applications for our ever popular graduate internship scheme, and are excited to announce that after a lot of consideration, we’ve selected Heather Guyan. We have no doubt, Heather will be a great addition to the team at 4c Design over the next few months. Hello I’m Heather! Graduating from Strathclyde University... Read more »

Open Day 2016

Once again we’re opening our doors to the world to see what design and engineering is all about. Currently ourselves and the rest of the design hub are still planning the fine details but please ‘save the date’ as we intend to start the event from 3pm to introduce ourselves, our process and talk in... Read more »

Desk spaces available at the Design Hub

4c Design office The Design Hub has 4 desks that have become available for creative/design related professionals who wish to be part of a fun, creative, studio/office/workshop environment. The Design Hub holds a vibrant mix of small businesses ranging from Product Design, Naval Architecture, Musical Instrument Maker, Graphic Design, Prop Making to Electronics design. The desk spaces available would be... Read more »