Visit the Museum of Product Design Failure (Video)

Museum of Failures Can we learn from product design failure as well as success? The Museum of Failures in Helsingborg certainly thinks so. In the video below, Dr. Samuel West, Director of the Museum, talks about the exhibition of product design fails. The point is not to pillory, but to learn. Read the full article here. 4c Design... Read more »

Should Design Be Front and Centre of Jobs, Skills and Services in the UK?

Design Council Sarah Weir, Design Council Chief Executive, has called for design to be placed at the centre of rebuilding the post-election UK economy. An economy strong enough to tackle wide ranging social problems relating to health, social care and housing while raising living standards for all In a hard hitting message, she argues that a new,... Read more »

Outsourcing Innovation – A Good Idea?

Outsourcing Innovation If we recognise there is something we are not great at doing, we might consider outsourcing it. Take accountancy for example. It’s a skill which involves utilising a particular part of the brain that not all of us can easily tap into. Partnering with a professional accountancy firm can take care of that. If we... Read more »

Understanding Innovation

Understanding Innovation Innovation is everywhere. People want to innovate, companies are being told to innovate and investors want to invest in innovators. But what does this mean? How do you do it and what are the benefits? How about this for a start? ‘Innovation is simply change that adds value through design & engineering’. That works for... Read more »