Yorkhill Hospital – Pt 3

For the third meeting we had prepared three prototypes; these were the Monkey and a Walkies concept as well as the Measuring tool concept which we at 4c felt was still strong contender. The prototypes took several days to make, utilising the CNC machine, paint booth, lathes and hand tools. When presenting the prototypes to... Read more »

Yorkhill Hospital – Pt 2

For the second meeting we presented a number of concepts that fulfilled all the criteria agreed upon in the first meeting. We had to move away from the Mickey Mouse Concept for copyright purposes, but tried to stay true to the theme. The two favoured concepts were the “Monkey Grab” concept and the “Walkies” concept.... Read more »

Yorkhill Hospital – Pt 1

Skin fold callipers are used to determine body fat composition on a person’s body by executing a pinch test on multiple parts of the body. The examiner then puts the numbers into an equation to predict body density and body fat percentage. Problem At Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Yorkhill) Glasgow in the feeding clinic... Read more »

Best and Worst Designs of our Times

OUR OPINION ON THE BEST AND WORST DESIGNS OF OUR TIMES. DO YOU AGREE WITH THEM? BEST: TOMATO KETCHUP BOTTLEHEINZ EASY SQUEEZE KETCHUP. A NUMBER of years ago, US based H.J. Heinz Co. advertised its ketchup with the infamous slogan, “The best things come to those who wait.” Generations of Britons have observed the ketchup-pouring... Read more »