Lunchtime Lunacy

So here at 4c we pride ourselves on the diversity of all the Design Hubbers and one of the most interesting time of the day is lunchtime. This is a fun filled hour just chatting about random stuff – sometimes it is side splittingly funny and sometimes it is so beyond me that I would... Read more »

Who says Accountants are money grabbers

Well, here at 4c Design, our accountant certainly is money grabbing but our very own version of Jimmy Saville is “Walking 10km A Day In May” for Charity. Kevin and Lesley McGuckien are stoating around various locations ranging from running away from Buckfast Bottle Throwing Neds in North Lanarkshire to the lovely little town of... Read more »

Guide to Creating a Design Brief

Our job is to come up with specific, workable solutions for you, therefore the more information you give us, the better result we’ll produce. This is a rough guide of some of the questions you should ask yourself to ensure a mutually optimum result. Before drawing up a design brief you need to consider a... Read more »

Design Journeys Blog

William Mitchell, design director here at 4c has just started writing a personal blog, Design Journeys Find out what he has to say for himself, its well worth a read. And be sure to comment on his posts so he knows someone is listening. You will find Will’s blog here