Going Green?

There are so many misconceptions regarding the ‘green’ issue. Some people whole heartily support it, while others seem to actively rebel against it. I heard someone just the other day dismissing the topic as “just trying to save a polar bear”… it really got under my skin. I heard someone making a case for “going... Read more »

Forestry Machines – Clark Engineering

Forestry Gear! In June 2011 our client and friends at Clark Engineering hosted a forestry demonstration to allow people in the industry (and public) watch these spectacular tree felling machines up close. The efficiency in which the harvesters and forwarders can move through the rough ground of the forest devouring trees is an engineering marvel,... Read more »

Lunchtime Lunacy

So here at 4c we pride ourselves on the diversity of all the Design Hubbers and one of the most interesting time of the day is lunchtime. This is a fun filled hour just chatting about random stuff – sometimes it is side splittingly funny and sometimes it is so beyond me that I would... Read more »