Design for Lifetime

As part of their Sustainability Workshop series, Autodesk’s excellent “Introduction to Design for Lifetime” video clearly and visually explains the factors we need to consider when introducing new products. We like that it recognizes that some products should be made to last a long time, others should live shorter lives, and that there’s a grey... Read more »

Free Solidworks Licence

Myself and John recently completed a Solidworks Simulation course and stumbled upon this little gem for students. Solidworks offer a FREE student licence for Solidworks while you are in full time engineering education. Definitely worth a look as the licence includes all the Solidworks software (3D Design, Simulation FEA, Sustainable Design, Data Management etc). For... Read more »

IMechE – Design Innovation Event

Engineering an Innovation Culture At 4c Design on the 8th September 2011 we are hosting an IMechE event – Design Innovation. The event has limited numbers and the event is already proving popular so get in touch soon to avoid disappointment. The Innovation Culture that has been engineered within the four walls of the 4c... Read more »

BIG! CNC machine at Bloodhound

We have been following the progress of the Bloodhound SSC and are impressed by there CNC machine! The Bloodhound SSC team are Britain’s latest attempt at the world land speed record, Andy Green the driver is attempting to take their machine to 1000mph! They have just started to manufacture some of the final components, which... Read more »