BIG Week at 4c

Phew… it has been an extremely busy week for us here at 4c Design. We have barely had a chance to breath with everything that has been going on lately, not that we are complaining mind you it’s all really interesting stuff and it’s good to be so busy. There is so much news to... Read more »

EDTC event – Inspired to Innovate

4c Design were exhibiting at the “Be Inspired to Innovate” event held today by the EDTC . It provided a refreshingly honest education into the realities of new product development. Innovators from companies such UWI Innovations, Funky Moves and GYMetrix provided an excellent, straight talking account of the type of grant support currently available in... Read more »

4c Exhibiting in Stirling 21st Sept 2011 – EDTC

  Michael and Robin will be taking 4c on the road to Stirling this Wednesday where we will be exhibiting at the the EDTC event “Be Inspired to Innovate for Your Future” The event is free to register, with 6 entrepreneurial companies telling their stories in a workshop format. Looking forward to seeing you there!... Read more »

The Designers Accord

We at 4c Design are very proud to announce that we have become members of The Designers Accord. What is the Accord? The mission statement says: “The Designers Accord is a global coalition of designers, educators, and business leaders working together to create positive environmental and social impact. Adopters of the Designers Accord commit to... Read more »

IMechE – Creating an Innovation Culture

We have just finished our first official IMech E event here at the design hub, ‘Creating an Innovation Culture’ attracted a sell out crowd (which in this place means 20 people!). The crowd seem to enjoy my obsession with Lockheed skunkworks mixed with some of our agricultural case studies. Hopefully we didn’t give much away... Read more »