Halfway point for Emily Tulloh, our summer intern

It’s now halfway through the three month summer internship here at 4c. So in the positivity of Glasgow’s post-Commonwealth buzz, I thought I’d reflect on some things I’ve been involved in during these first 6 weeks. There were certain areas I was keen to learn more about: research and user testing, team-based projects, design strategy... Read more »

Opening Ceremony & The Queen’s Message Tonight

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Tonight is the Opening Ceremony for the Commonwealth Games and the eyes of over a billion people around the world will be on Glasgow and for a time focused on the Queen’s Baton; designed and built within the four walls of 4c Design. You may think we have some idea what is going to happen... Read more »

4c reunited with the Queen’s Baton as Baton Bearers

Day 37 Queen's Baton Bearers on the Steps of the GSA This Sunday, 4c were reunited with the Queen’s Baton as designers William Mitchell and Michael Aldridge were called upon as Baton Bearers for relay. It was an early start as we met at 7:30am for a briefing, then boarding the ‘baton bus’ where we were delivered to our start locations. We had a great route... Read more »