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Should Design Be Front and Centre of Jobs, Skills and Services in the UK?

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Sarah Weir, Design Council Chief Executive, has called for design to be placed at the centre of rebuilding the post-election UK economy. An economy strong enough to tackle wide ranging social problems relating to health, social care and housing while raising living standards for all

In a hard hitting message, she argues that a new, game changing industrial policy is required:

“Our current and future economy, more than ever, depends on creative thinking, innovation and knowledge. This doesn’t quite fit with industrial strategies of old. Design is at the heart of the solution. And the more we debate the industry, jobs and skills of the future, the more design leaps out. Yet the game-changing opportunity of design is not recognised in the manifestos. Good design puts people first. It uses creativity to solve problems, challenge current thinking and change lives – and it’s already being used to drive economic growth and social change across the world.”

A four-point post-election action plan is required:

  • An education system that not only puts design back into the national curriculum, but inserts design skills into core subjects.
  • A clear plan for life-long work, retraining and redesigned workplaces of tomorrow. A vision and radical rethink on how we consider working environments and ageing in the UK.
  • Keeping talent in the country. The next generation of designers working across the economy must receive world-class training in Britain and an environment created encouraging them to stay and practice their craft here.
  • The government’s core focus should be on designing a better Britain that works for everyone. Design should be positioned at the centre of plans for a healthier, more prosperous, better Britain for everyone.

You can read the full article at Designing the Future: Design Council Calls for Design to Be Front and Centre of Jobs, Skills and Services

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