Accelerating Innovation

Accelerating Innovation (Part 1): From the WHY to the HOW

Accelerating Innovation

The critical importance of innovation to national and company competitiveness has become widely accepted.  The only legitimate question now is the ‘how’.

Companies are coming under increasing pressure to innovate and grow. Unfortunately, much of the advice being proffered in this area is not massively helpful – see our previous post Innovation Quick Fix.

With the need for innovation now being widely accepted by most senior executives, there is less of a need for generic advice encouraging organisations to innovate. Few remain to be convinced.

With the desire being there, it is the ‘how’ of innovation that most companies now struggle with.

From the ‘Why’ to the ‘How’

Innovation by its very nature is risky, costly (more so if you get it wrong) and difficult.

So, how do we make it better?

With the argument ‘WHY innovate’ having been won, the focus now needs to shift to the HOW; overcoming the many obstacles and barriers preventing companies from leveraging the full potential of innovation for supporting sustained business growth and competitiveness.

In our new blog series entitled ‘Accelerating Innovation’, we will examine the key pillars of innovation success, providing highly practical advice on the key steps involved in ‘getting there’. The advice proffered will ensure that your innovation strategy is fully aligned with and supportive of agreed business goals and objectives, delivered successfully, on-time and within budget.

We will provide high level strategic and very practical advice to accelerate innovation in your organisation covering key issues such as:

  • The potential of innovation for your business
  • The innovation landscape
  • Assessing your readiness to innovate
  • The innovation process and innovation strategy development
  • Key success factors
  • Overcoming internal barriers and obstacles to innovation
  • Leadership, innovation culture and management development
  • Measuring innovation performance
  • Case Examples

Evidence is emerging of a growing innovation divide between organisations who ‘get innovation’ and those who don’t; between those successfully applying innovation to support business growth and those still stuck on the starting blocks.

The divide is beginning to have a major impact on subsequent financial performance with ‘innovation leaders’ significantly outperforming others.

Hopefully, our new series will help you on your way to becoming an innovation leader.

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