Introducing: Work Experience Hannah Jenkins

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Hannah Jenkins Work Experience


I’m Hannah Jenkins and I’m the new work experience girl here at 4c! I’ve just finished my fourth year studying Product Design Engineering at the Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow University. I was looking for experience in a product design consultancy before starting my final year after summer, and fortunately the nice folks here have taken me on for a few months!

Not sure what to say about myself really… I love the course I’m doing and can’t wait to start a career in design. It matches my personality perfectly as I’m equally creative and logical. In my spare time I like to do granny-type activities such as baking and sewing. I’m also artistic and do a lot of portrait and landscape painting, while I hope to get in to photography soon with my fancy new camera. I love being outdoors and in the sunshine, although a severe lack of balance and co-ordination prohibit me from most sports!

In terms of design, I try my best to be an all-rounder, and this experience is helping me build upon my existing skills in design work, CAD and prototyping, as well as learning valuable business skills. I really enjoy user-centred design and like to consider the scenarios a product will be used in as well as interacting with potential users. I try to combine imaginative responses with engineering knowledge to create unique and feasible designs. My favourite projects tend to be the ones where I can get down to the workshop and make scale prototypes, and I always find 3D work useful in developing the design if I feel a bit ‘stuck in a rut’. I’m looking forward to a longer project next year where I can choose an idea I’m passionate about and really refine the details of the design.

I’ve learnt a lot here already and am looking forward to the next few months at 4c. There aren’t many offices where you get to play with K’nex and rubber bands and call it work!

Click Here to view Hannah’s Website and Portfolio

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  1. Michael

    Just to put any Internship applicants mind at rest, we consider Hannah to be work experience and are still looking for our summer graduate. So keep those CVs coming.


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