Hannah Jenkins sums up her 4c Internship

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Hannah Jenkins was one the summer interns this year at 4c Design. In the above video she summarizes her time at 4c, including the projects she was involved in and what she gained from the 16 week experience. Projects Hannah was involved in included:

  • RFD Liferaft – Details Confidential
  • Individual Project to develop a bag to carry a Liquid Oxygen tank for a child with interstitial lung disease
  • And much much more…

Hannah proved to be a great asset during her time at 4c, Robin Smith (4c’s Director) had the following to say about her:

“Hannah’s CV speaks for itself, she is a high achiever and will be a superb asset to any company she works for. In the work environment Hannah has a professional, mature and considered approach to what she says and writes, she works in a structured and logical manner and understands the importance of recording her work and thus she makes designs clear and entirely transparent for decision making. Hannah is motivated, hard-working and requires little supervision. These attributes make Hannah a pleasure to work with and a big asset to team working. When we gave Hannah a design problem to look at or prototypes to build, she simply got on with it and it turned out right. You can’t ask for better than that!” October 19, 2012

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