Goodbye from Emily Tulloh, our summer intern

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The Design Hub

So, that’s it – my 3 months at 4c Design are about to end. Summer here in Glasgow has been packed full of awesome people and projects, and it’s with more than a little sadness that I’ll say goodbye to the team here at Design Hub and head back to university for my final year.

I’ve been involved in lots of live projects during the 12 weeks, as well as developing my personal design skillset with the time and assistance of the 4c team.

This past fortnight has been especially exciting with the launch of 4c’s first ever Kickstarter project. The S’up Spoon was co-designed with Grant Douglas, who has cerebral palsy, to enable him to eat foods that were previously impossible. I have been working on the press and communications side of the project to spread the word of this great little product far and wide. After a lot of anticipation and planning we’ve made a bit of a splash on the web these past two weeks; the spoon has been featured by design magazines such as Core77, Design Week and Develop3d, as well as national newspapers and lots of blogs.


Working on live client projects has been a highlight of my time here at 4c. I’ve had the chance to develop pages and pages of sketches; I’ve really learnt the value of thinking visually, iterating product details and weaving together a visual identity. It’s pretty serious motivation to know that an overhang, surface or turned-up corner could one day be incorporated into a final product.

4c Innovation Process Flow Chart

The 4c team have given me the opportunity to develop my skills illustrating through creating posters, graphics and flowcharts. I’ve illustrated the 4c Innovation Process above, showing how in-house ideas can be turned into business proposals, giving them the best chance to get off the ground. These illustrations, coupled with the business side of design I have been learning about, has shown me that design is intrinsically linked to communication. Ideas can be visualised, systems can be explained, and the value of the creative process can be understood by addressing each as a design challenge.

The other stand-out moments have been seeing products that have been developed during my time here be incredibly well received when fed back to the client. When people just ‘get’ the improvement, the innovation or the idea then you know it’s done a good job! I’ve loved seeing Will present about 4c’s design process and projects at different events and meetings too.

Emily Tulloh

The 4c team and the culture here at Design Hub has demonstrated that mixing a small team of great people with a multi-disciplinary, creative environment makes good things happen. I feel really lucky to have been part of the team for this short period of time, and I’m thankful to everyone for starting me off in the world of design. | @emilytulloh

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