Engineering Student? – IMechE Free Dinner

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GoldenTicket  - IMechE

The Institution of Mechanical engineers (IMechE) Glasgow Area Panel has sponsored x1 ticket to give away via 4c Design for this years Scottish Annual dinner to be held on Fri 28th Oct 2011.

This is the ‘go to event’ for any ambitious young engineers who wish to don their glad rags and network with industry names such as Rolls Royce, BAE Systems, FMC & Dooson Babcock and of course 4c Design!

4c will be taking a group of 10 to the dinner, so the ‘lucky winner’ will be invited to a pre dinner drinks reception at our studios. Don’t worry, you won’t have to talk to old buffy’s like us all night, the young members will be dining on a table together where they can keep the chat ‘down with the kids’ before joining in with the social, networking scene afterwards.


If you are

My favourite piece of Engineering is….


Wed 12th of Oct 2011.

Winner will be announced on 16.10.11 (remember to leave your e-mail so we can tell you you’ve won!)

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5 Responses to “Engineering Student? – IMechE Free Dinner”

  1. Robin

    One of my favourite pieces of little know about engineering, is this the grandfather of steam turbine powered ships –The Turbina.

    Built in 1894 when most people were still travelling around on a horse, imagine the sight, seeing a boat doing 34 knots! That faster than the navy’s brand new Type 45’s destroyers (they have a max speed of 27 knots)

  2. Jack

    The Stirling Engine. Although it has been around for quite a while (195 years!) it still has the potential to be one of the most efficient engines in the world.

    No exhaust gases, no combustion, no noise. The Stirling engine runs untroubled on external heat sources ranging from the sun to waste heat to decaying plants.

  3. EJ

    My favourite piece of Engineering has to be the bicycle. The most efficient machine ever designed that has barely changed in hundreds of years. Beautifully simple, yet efficient, fun, cheap and used worldwide.

  4. Euan McPherson

    At the moment, the McPherson award for engineering excellence goes to the humble pocketwatch.

    Why? It has everything! – tight tolerances to be held in the gears, a simple & elegant winding mechanism/coil spring, and an indefinite power source (so long as I’m kept in bacon rolls to keep me alive to wind it).

    What’s more, it has the most important feature of any engineering design – there’s a very definite need for it. (Disclaimer: This statement was more relevant before the invention of the Casio pocketwatch).

    The watch has a savvy practical design (allowing even the most uncouth yob such as I to fit in with distinguished society). There’s a chain to catch it as you fumble it on your way out from the pub, and a bonny sprung back to keep the watch face good.

    The pocket watch – engineering that makes you look hip (if a trifle antiquated).

  5. Robin Smith

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions guys, some good stuff here!

    Our X factor panel deliberated long and hard over lunch today and decided that Euan’s suggestion of how he uses a ‘pocket watch’ to turn him ‘from an uncouth yob into someone that fits into distinguished society’ makes him the type of character that we would like to have at a dinner party!

    Well Done Euan, you are the winner of the Golden Ticket!


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