Glasgow 2014 Queen’s Baton Designers

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Queen's Baton Designers 2014

4c Design are pleased to confirm that we will design and produce the iconic 2014 Queen’s Relay Baton that will visit all 70 competing Commonwealth Nations and Territories ahead of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The Queen’s Baton Relay is a tradition unique to the Games and seeks to unite the two billion citizens of the Commonwealth in a celebration of sport, diversity and peace.

Glasgow 2014’s baton will itself make history by being the first to visit Rwanda as the relay covers an epic 190,000 km over 288 days.

Weighing no more than 2kg, the baton must be robust enough to withstand all weathers and various transport modes in order to be in constant working order for the 10-month period of the relay.

The baton will be unveiled later this summer and begins its journey on 9 October at Buckingham Palace when Her Majesty The Queen will place her message to the Commonwealth inside. From there, the baton will begin its epic worldwide journey on its way to Glasgow. From the plains of Africa to the gleaming skyscrapers of Singapore; from the tiny tropical islands of St Lucia and Dominica to Canada’s snow-capped mountain; the baton will take over land, sea and air before travelling the length and breadth of Scotland on its way to its final destination – the Glasgow 2014 Opening Ceremony.

The final Queen’s baton design will remain a closely guarded secret until a late summer unveiling, but the 4c team will be tracking the journey via video diaries and blogs allowing us to share with you the story of how the Glasgow 2014 Queen’s Baton has evolved.

To keep up with the latest, follow us on Twitter @4cDesignGlasgow and we’d love to hear your comments below…

Watch this (baton shaped!) space…

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23 Responses to “Glasgow 2014 Queen’s Baton Designers”

  1. Nick Lonie

    Great news guys! I am looking forward to seeing the 4c design genius you have thrown at this prestigious item…and I will be sure to keep an eye out for it when it lands here in Australia.

  2. simon

    Congratulations 4C. I would like to propose an aluminium tubular section, possibly anodised and say 300mm long. Job done.

  3. Andrew Cowell

    Well done guys and excellent to see that the design is being done in Glasgow.

  4. John Reader

    Congratulations, that’s a great achievement. Looking forward to seeing it on the back of a Ducati screaming along Great Western Road…

  5. Steve Waldron

    THAT’S BRILLIANT NEWS! Well Done for landing that job. Cant wait to see it on the BBC.

  6. judy

    Congratulations William ,to you and your team always knew you would be soaring to new heights.
    Well Done!!!
    Judy Jones
    Turks And Caicos Islands
    British West Indies

  7. John Turnbull

    Well done guys. Why not try something in wood as we assume the T cup was a rejected prototype!

  8. Thom Wall

    I’ve already giving you my verbal congratulations, but now you have it in ‘Blog Comment’ form.

  9. Bernard

    Well, what can i say?
    7 out of 10. COULD DO BETTER.
    I just don`t know how. 🙂

  10. Mike Anusas

    Congratulations to the whole team on this annnouncement! From knowing your approach to creative collaboration so well, it’ll no doubt be an amazing outcome…

  11. Neil Hudson

    Great work team 4C, looking forward to seeing Glasgow style travelling the world!


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