New 4c Design Website

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Welcome to the new 4c Design website.

This is the 5th generation of 4c’s website, hard to believe since we are only 12 years old. But being in the business of innovation we always find it difficult to stand still. Over the years the site has become larger and larger with more content to share. With this generation of the site we wanted a simple and efficient means of sharing it. We also wanted to cater for the latest technology, monitors are getting bigger and broadband faster, this allows us to show you even bigger photos. But also tablets and touch screen devices are now common place, the new site is responsive so should automatically reconfigure for these screen resolutions.

Responsive Website

We have to thank our developers, Contact Online for their work in coding the site. They are a great group that really seem to understand what we are trying to achieve. We would also like to thank Somhairle for his graphic design, he’s helped us create a modern and fresh look that we are really happy with.

It seems rather pointless to share pictures of the new (current) site, given you can explore it for yourself. So instead here are some pictures of the old site so you can see where we’ve come from.

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7 Responses to “New 4c Design Website”

  1. Caroline

    Great website team, you should be proud of yourselves. Love the new Queen’s Baton case study.

  2. Mike Anusas

    Immediate / few-second impression: slick; like the sector icons; banner images looking very sharp; Tom looks as ‘improvisatory’ as ever!

  3. Nick Lonie

    Looks awesome with great images, easy navigation and strong case studies. Happy to provide plenty more ‘images from our past’ but doubt you could publish them all!

  4. Keli Mitchell

    It looks awesome. It gives a much better impression of your brand personality (than your previous site). Baton case study is tops and you all look quite nice and non-weird. Well done.

  5. Ian Colditz

    Every time I learn more about your work, I feel more and more privileged to have the opportunity to work with you guys. Website looks great.

  6. Silver Penny

    4c: New site, Creative, Contemporary, Innovative, Encouraging. (esp for new designers!)


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