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Equalizer International

Iā€™m delighted to announce that long standing client Equalizer International will be bringing a product innovation team to work alongside 4c Design in our Glasgow based Design Hub Studio.

Equalizer International who are head quartered in Aberdeen, have recognised that the R&D facilities combined with the innovative culture that 4c Design has created is the ideal place to locate a specialised team that will be focused on new tool design, research & development and product testing.

Duncan Dore - Equalizer International

Duncan Dore ā€“ Equalizer’s Senior Design Engineer who will be relocating to Glasgow, says; ‘we are really looking forward to working under the same roof as 4c and the other innovative businesses that make up the design hub. The workshop facilities, the practical, forward thinking culture is a perfect fit with our business. We know there is a great pool of talented design engineers based in the west coast of Scotland and we plan to be hiring Glasgow based mechanical design/product engineers very shortly.’

John Morgan - Equalizer International

John Morgan ā€“ Engineering Director at Equalizer International (Aberdeen) Says:-

Equalizer International prides itself on its innovative approach to solving real-world problems. We have over 60 active patents, trade-marks and design registrations in an expanding global intellectual portfolio. This move to further enhance our Scottish based technical R&D team into Glasgow demonstrates our continued commitment to developing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the oil and gas, petrochemicals, nuclear, water, mining and renewable energy sectors.

HIRING: Design & Development Engineer

With Equalizers move to Glasgow, they are also looking to take on a new member to the team. To read all the job specifics please check out our careers page.



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